Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Collection

     Being a huge fan of Tim Burton, and the original 1951 Alice in Wonderland, we were escstatic about him making a newer Alice In Wonderland. The movie was great! The storyline made alot of sense to us because we know the original stories by Lewis Carroll, that Tim Burton incorporated into the film. There hasn't been an extensive amount of collecitble merchandise for this movie, though we manage to acquire what we can.
     We were extremely lucky to recieve this double-sided movie theatre banner as a gift. The dimensions are 5' x 8' and it is made out of thick, vinyl banner material. This double-sided one is very rare!

     This is the Official Movie Release Poster from the Walt Disney Studios that we redeemed from Disney Movie Rewards. It came in absolutely perfect condition in the mail. :) It is double-sided and the dimensions are 27" x 40" . (Has a reverse image on the backside.)

     These 3 movie standees are from the Walt Disney Studios. Each one has never been removed from the plastic or "popped out" of it's background, they are brand new. Each one is made out of thick, corrugated cardboard and is scaled to 'life-size'.

     Medicom did an incredible job on the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Real Action Hero 12" Figure. The costume is identical to the one in the film, along with a faux fur coat, spool sash and lovely bowtie. The Hatter himself is designed very well, actually looking alot like the character in the film (unlike other figures made for him). He has two sets of hands, both are cut up with bandages, like in the film. He sold out immediately at Sideshow Collectibles but we were lucky to recieve him through Disney. There is a second version coming out, the battle outfit; Available for Pre-Order at We are looking forward to getting that one as well. The packaging is very classy! It actually says "Finest Quality Product" and "Made With Care In Wonderland" on the box. Each Alice collectible is encompassed in likewise packaging.

Cute Kubrick/Bearbrick Mad Hatter & Cheshire Cat set.

     This is the Replica Cake Box from the movie. It also has the matching packaging. I would say it's really good quality, very heavy and has great detail! The legs of the box look like cupid babies and the lid can come off the top. There is a faux velvet cushion inside with a piece of cake identical to the one in the movie that says Disney Alice In Wonderland, instead of Eat Me. It also came with a pad of paper that is really cool because the same image is used on the Disney Movie Reward Exclusive Red Queen Compact Mirror.

     Tetley Tea had an exclusively Canadian promotion for Alice In Wonderland when the movie was released. The promotion consisted of 3 different Limited Edition Tins, with a box of tea inside. and 3 different Limited Edition Canisters that have teabags inside. We love promotional/movie release items so we had to get them! They sold out extremely quickly at stores and are selling for 4 times the price on Ebay!

Just a 4-Pin Pack, by Monogram. Was a stocking stuffer!

& Of course, the limited edition pocket watch from Disney Movie Rewards that we already posted a few back. I also thought I would add this Alice In Wonderland DVD Release Standee since it's in the same category. We use it for some of our Blu Rays and it definitely makes the perfect stand.

     We have a copy of Alice In Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass (two books in one) and it is Written by Lewis Carroll, Illustrated By John Tenniel. These illustrations are very well-known amongst Alice fans. These two stories are what the original Alice In Wonderland and Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland originated from.

  Our next addition to our Alice collection will be The White Rabbit from The Tonner Doll Company.                 

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