Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dark Horse Deluxe Scrooge Figures & Medicom Vinyl Collectibles

     In 2010 Dark Horse released a series of Deluxe Uncle Scrooge Comic Book Figures. The series contains a set of 6 different characters from vintage Uncle Scrooge Comics. One figure was released each month beginning in September. They each come in a fancy tin, along with the specialized pin and certificate.The figures themselves are done so well, made out of resin, with a vintage-style paint job. The first 2 characters are limited to 950 but the last 4 are limited edition 650. Each figure is individually hand numbered on the bottom of the base. We are thrilled to have the complete set. These figures are now very sought after within the secondary market.

      We recently came across a selection of Medicom's Vinyl Collectible Dolls in the city. We took a liking to the versions of Mickey where he is dressed up like Disney movie characters, as well as the "horror" style Mickey's. The Vinyl figures themselves have a small production run. So far, we have 4 and are waiting to recieve the Jack Sparrow version of Mickey as well as "Mummy" Mickey. There has only been 3 Mickey character mash-ups so far. The packaging is very well done, perfect for display! Tron Mickey is one of the first 2010 Tron collectibles released. Jack Skellington Mickey is a unique mash-up of the Nightmare Before Christmas and matches the original Medicom Jack Skellington Vinyl Collectible Doll. The Frankenstien Mickey is part of Mickey's Miracle Mixture vinyl collectible series.


  1. Just thought I'd mention in case you didn't know that series 2 of the Dark Horse figures starts on sept 8 with another Uncle Scrooge figure. A Donald will follow on sept 22.
    #3 is Uncle Scrooge on oct 20
    #4 is Huey Dewey & Louie on Nov 24
    #5 is Uncle Scrooge on dec 15

    #5 is the last is series 2.

  2. We actually have already been anticipating the release, only one more week! We are so excited; been waiting since we got Beagle Boy. The 2nd series has depicted great moments from the Scrooge comics, I love Hewey Duey & Louie.. Thanks so much though! Advice is greatly appreciated!

  3. I love that Jack Mickey, Where on ebay did you find him???

    Love the blog adding it to my blog roll.

  4. Thanks! We actually found him through a collectible shop in our city known as Michael Rodent's. That's where we pick up many of our hard to find and Limited Edition items. They have a great online shop aswell that ships all over North America.