Monday, August 29, 2011

Symphony Hour Donald Duck Disney Store Display

   The Disney "Symphony Hour" store display featured Conductor Mickey, Clarabelle on the Violin, Goofy on the Bassoon and of course Donald on the Drums. The "Symphony Hour" Disney Store display is the rarest of all of the releases created exclusively for in-store display only. Donald on the Drums is the most sought after character in this extremely rare series. This statue measures 21 inches in height by 20 inches in width. The fact that this piece remained intact for all of these years given it's impressive size and number of small breakable details is amazing. We are extremely lucky to have come across this highly collectible piece, we have never seen another.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cars 2 Promotional Watch

       This promotional watch was made for the theatrical debut of Cars 2. The watch comes packaged in a collectible tin that reads "Disney/Pixar Cars 2 ONLY IN CINEMAS". The watch itself features an automotive gauge theme for the numbers around the face and a racing tire armband. It was available exclusively through the Disney Movie Rewards Program. This pixar collector piece was beautifully designed and is highly recommended to collectors.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Disney Adventurer Action Figures

      The "Disney Adventurers" line of action figures was created in 1999 and available exclusively in Disney Stores. The series consisted of 5 renown male characters that were made in 3 varying sizes - 11" boxed sets, 7" blister packs and 2" boxed sets. The "Disney Adventurers" line prevails to be one of the only lines that focuses specifically on male Disney characters. Each character has full articulation and includes a bundle of accessories. We are showcasing 4 of the 11" boxed sets; we were not able to acquire Captain Hook, the only villain released in the all male series.

     Hercules is portrayed as a courageous warrior from ancient times. The logo on the front of his packaging is an impression of a sword. He comes with a his lightning bolt sword, a smaller sword and a shield.  Hercules is a personal favorite of ours, his accessories as well as the figure itself are both perfectly sculpted.

     Tarzan has a spear, a knife and a swinging vine accessory. The logo on Tarzan's case features the arrowhead from his spear. This is the most well done Tarzan figure that we have come across to date. The expression on the face of this particular figure is true to the film and portrays his character extremely well even at a glance.

      Peter Pan comes with a bow and arrow, knife, sword and axe. Pan's packaging is unique from the others, it does not have a logo on the front window of the box. His detailed accessories are exactly what you would find in the Lost Boys camp itself. The sculpt of Peter Pan himself is also very well done.

       Aladdin is complete with his magical genie's lamp, a sword and a large sabre. The logo on the front of his box is an impression of the genie's lamp. These figures are now only available on the secondary market. We hope to update soon showcasing Captain Hook, the final release in the series.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Original Finding Nemo Snowglobe

       "Nemo's Coral Reef" snowglobe features Mr. Ray taking his students Nemo, Sheldon, Tad and Pearl for a ride while Squirt watches from above. Also featured is Marlin and Dory keeping a close eye on Nemo from the coral reef. Both Marlin and Dory are spring-mounted to create a wonderful effect on the outside of the globe. This snowglobe plays the tune " Over the Waves" and features a blower that swirls glitter. The vibrant color scheme and detail of the entire sculpture is breath-taking to say the least. Disney definetly went the extra mile with this globe to deliver an amazing collectible release! This piece has become extremely sought after by collectors and can only be found on the secondary market.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Limited Edition Winnie the Pooh Plush Set

     This Winnie the Pooh plush set of 6 was created specifically for the opening scene of the 2011 Winnie the Pooh film. The characters in this set are exact replicas of Christopher Robin's plush friends, that are shown in the live-action scene of the film. This set is limited to an individually numbered edition size of 300, complete with a certificate of authenticity. The Disney Store design team put great effort into the articulation of each characters arms, legs, ears and tails, which truly brings them to life. Each plush features a different and unique fabric from the others, that adds a realistic touch. The set comes in a specialized duffle bag, with an embroidered pocket that holds the certificate of authenticity. This limited edition movie replica plush set is made with amazing quality and is a real piece of Disney history.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disney Store Exlclusive Cars 2 Deluxe PVC Sets

        In honor of the theatrical release of Cars 2 Disney Store has created this pair of beautiful deluxe figurine playsets. This is the first time that Disney has released two different deluxe sets to commemorate the debut of a film.

     The first set focuses on the racers from the world grand prix featured in Cars 2. The attention to detail of every racers particular style is true to the film and very well done. There are a total of 10 figures in this set that sold out very quickly. The second set focuses on the spies from the film, both the villains and our heros. Though there are only 7 figures in this set, the size of each piece is very impressive. We would strongly recommend both sets to collectors and fans of the film alike.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney Store Cars Die Cast Cars (continued..)

     In addition to the previous Cars 2 die cast cars released, 12 more cars were issued from the first film: Cars. These cars have the same collectible casing as the previous set of 21, except with new and varrying backdrops, a personalized name on the front and a profile picture on the back of each case. This set includes two different versions of Lightning McQueen, the Dinoco helicopter, the three tuner cars, Ramone with his purple paint job, Flo, Sally, Red, Sarge and Mater. We are extremely lucky to have accumulated the entire set of 33 die cast cars.