Monday, June 6, 2011

Disney Store Cars 2 Die Cast Car Set


        The Disney Store Exclusive set of die-cast cars that were created in honour of the theatrical release of Pixar's Cars 2 is a definite must-have for both fans of the film and collectors alike. There is a total of 21 boxes in the complete set, contrary to popular belief that there were only 20 boxes released. Each car comes in it's own collector quality case that beautifully displays each piece. The Disney Store definitely went the extra mile with the quality of the cars themselves. The sculpt as well as the paint is not only true to the film but also done with amazing attention to detail. We at Disney Pixar Fanatics could not be more excited about the theatrical release of the film, and we hope you check back soon for more Cars 2 movie release merchandise!


  1. Wow! These are incredible. The attention to detail in the characters is spot-on. And it's amazing that you guys nabbed all 21! You are going to have to open a museum to the public someday so we all can come see your fantastic collection :)

  2. We agree that these cars have immaculate attention to detail! It was tricky to find "The Sheriff, but we managed to get him. In regards to our collection, thank you! that is quite a compliment.