Monday, June 27, 2011

1993 Nightmare Before Christmas Super Pop-Up Book

      This extraordinary pop-up book was published by Mouse Works in 1993 to commemorate the theatrical debut of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. It features 5 memorable scenes from the film in a traditional interactive pop-up style and 12 heat sensitive "hot-spots" that reveal hidden images. The artwork is not only true to the film but is extremely well done and very detailed. This piece has become very sought after by collectors.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dark Horse Deluxe Toy Story Series 1: Woody's Roundup "Bullseye"

        Bullseye the horse is the second figure to be issued in the Dark Horse "Woody's Roundup" Series. Bullseye is limited to a numbered edition size of  950, just like the previous statue of Woody. He comes packaged in his own personalized tin, that is complete with a pin and booklet. Bullseye's design perfectly demonstrates the texture of the his plush body, the sculptors at Dark Horse Studios did an amazing job. We are looking forward to the next release in the series, coming soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Hatter Vinyl Collectible Doll by Medicom

      Medicom Toy Corp. created this Mickey Mouse Vinyl Collectible Doll inspired by the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Mickey is dressed in the Mad Hatter's iconic attire that stays true to his outfit in the film. Medicom did a fantastic job at handpainting every intricate detail onto Mickey's costume. This piece was just released within the last month and quantaties are already running low within North America. This is one of the more elaborate Vinyl Collectible Dolls released by Medicom Toy Corp. and is definitely a favourite of ours, here at Disney Pixar Fanatics.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Steam Park Vinylmation Figure and Watch Combo Set

        This 3" Vinylmation and Pocket Watch Combo Set was released December of 2010 and was designed by Disney aritist Mike Sullivan. A Steam Park inspired pocket watch and a 3" Vinylmation figure, inspired by the watch, are included in this set. This exclusive combination is limited to an edition size of 750 sets and exclusively available in Disney Theme Parks. The pocket watch features visible, operating gears that are inspired by Steampunk mechanics. The back of the pocket watch is engraved with "Vinylmation Steam Park; Limited Edition 750."  Mechanical gears inspired by the pocket watch are painted onto the 3" Vinylmation figure. There is also a hidden Mickey secretly placed onto the back of the piece. They come enclosed in a protective casing, that displays them extremely well. This specific Steam Park Combo Set is an extravagant edition to the upcoming Steam Park Vinylmation series that is also designed by Mike Sullivan.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Disney Store Cars 2 Die Cast Car Set


        The Disney Store Exclusive set of die-cast cars that were created in honour of the theatrical release of Pixar's Cars 2 is a definite must-have for both fans of the film and collectors alike. There is a total of 21 boxes in the complete set, contrary to popular belief that there were only 20 boxes released. Each car comes in it's own collector quality case that beautifully displays each piece. The Disney Store definitely went the extra mile with the quality of the cars themselves. The sculpt as well as the paint is not only true to the film but also done with amazing attention to detail. We at Disney Pixar Fanatics could not be more excited about the theatrical release of the film, and we hope you check back soon for more Cars 2 movie release merchandise!