Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dark Horse Deluxe Toy Story Series 1: Woody's Roundup "Woody"

     Dark Horse has finally launched their new series of vintage style deluxe statuettes dedicated to Pixar's Toy Story. This series includes the four characters featured in "Woody's Roundup"; the distressed look of the these characters make a perfect fit for these vintage style statuettes. Each character is produced in a limited edition run and individually hand numbered. They come in a tin along with a personalized pin and booklet with art from the "Woody's Roundup" memorbillia in Toy Story 2. The first character to be released in this series is Woody himself. Woody is sculpted immaculately, with close attention paid to every detail of his outfit. Every accent on Woody pops out with the vibrant hand painted colours and intricate sculpting. Standing 5" tall, Woody makes a extraordinary debut for the new Dark Horse series. Stay tuned for the next figure! Coming soon..

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