Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Princess and The Frog Collection

      The newest traditionally animated Disney classic "The Princess and The Frog" made an outstanding impression on us. There has been a scarce amount of high end collectibles released for this movie, yet there is a few that will take your breath away! Here is our collection..

     We were extremely lucky to be able to take up the opportunity to recieve this one-of-a-kind, signed, official one-sheet movie poster from Disney Movie Rewards. It is the advance poster style A, pre-signed by Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen themselves! The dimensions are 27" x 41" and it is double-sided. This poster is in pristine condition and we could not be happier.

     This next poster was also a reward redeemed through Disney Movie Rewards. This poster was also an advance poster, being released in early June 2009 - set for Holiday 2009. It is an official double-sided poster, from Walt Disney Studios and it's dimensions are the same, 27" x 41" (authentic one-sheet size). Once again, as always, this poster is in pristine condition. It is the most beautiful one yet; the artwork really grasps the magic and essence of the movie. 

     Princess Tiana was replicated with close attention to detail in Disney's new line of Limited Edition Princess Dolls that are Disney Store Exclusives. Being the second doll to be released (proceeding Snow White) and the first collectible doll of Tiana, she sold out immediately on pre-order, online at Disney Stores. The doll itself stands at 18", inside a perfectly displayable box. The box also contains Tiana's signature decor. Her gown is comparable to a prom or wedding dress, with similar fabics and detailing such as rhinestones, rope and crinoline. She is holding Prince Naveen - as a frog - in her hand. I believe she is fully articulated. The certificate of authenticity is placed in a slot at the bottom, on the inside of the box. A number out of 5000 is stamped onto the certificate. At the reasonable price of $99.50 with the blu-ray/dvd combo pack of the movie included, you could not go wrong on this high quality item. Many are going on Ebay at the moment at an inflated price.

    In relation to the new line of Limited Edition Collecitble Disney Dolls, we just pre-ordered the Two-Piece Limited Edition Talking Woody & Buzz Lightyear set. I suppose Disney decided to introduce some other characters besides Princesses into the line, which is fantastic! The intricate packaging for Woody & Buzz demonstrates that it is from the same line. They are limited to 6000 pieces and include a certificate of authenticity. They both talk and have some new and exciting outfits. Arrival date is November 2nd - will update when it arrives! :) Gets yours while you can!!

     Back to The Princess and The Frog with these stunning bookends. These bookends are made out of resin,  weighing almost 20 lbs. The immaculate detailing on the sculptures and the paint is identical to the scenes and characters in the movie. Charlotte is in her bedroom on the one side of the bookends, with a fancy faux marble vanity. While Tiana, on the other side, is out on the balcony 'Wishing Upon A Star'unaware of the frog (Prince Naveen) sitting on the edge. The bookends act more like large statues or figurals as opposed to bookends. These bookends are designed by Disney Store product/character designer Steve Thompson.

     The Princess and The Frog Disney Store snowglobe was actually a 2 piece set, consisting of a large globe and a mini globe. The large globe recreates the enchantment in the ending scene of the movie, where Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen exchange vows and turn back into humans. It is quite large, requiring a fair amount of shelf-space. The globe has a switch that turns on the lights inside the tree, that change from dim to bright, illuminating the fireflies. It does not have an automatic blower, but does have sparkles inside the globe. All of the characters in the scene in the movie are included on the globe and there is a frog-prince border around the base. It is very beautiful! The mini globe is a depiction of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen when they are frogs. It matches the large globe, with the same border. The lotus on the top is a nice addition to the lilypads on the inside. The amazing Disney artist Steve Thompson also designed this globe set. I think more 2-piece snowglobe sets should be released!

     The Princess and The Frog released a Disney Store Exclusive Deluxe Figurine Set aside from the regular pvc sets that they usually carry. This pvc set was scarcely supplied to Disney Stores and only online for a short period of time due to a high demand. There are 11 characters included, with glitter accents on half of them. They are done really well, capturing what the characters sincerely look like. The packaging displays them nicely.

     This jewelry box was a Toys R Us promotional item for pre-ordering The Princess and The Frog movie. Being a fan of movie release/promotional items, we were thankful to recieve this gift.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walt Disney Classics Collection Villians

     The Walt Disney Classic Collection line of figures capture and portray the personalities of Disney characters through it's pieces like only Disney can. We especially feel as though the villains are remarkably well done, here is our WDCC collection of Disney Villains acquired to date.

     Smee "Oh dear, dear, dear." from Peter Pan, is a 1994-1995 Walt Disney Classic Collector's Society Event Piece. Standing at about 5" in height, he features real glass lenses and gold wire frames. His box and certificate is the older version/style.  Now only available through the secondary market.


     Randall Boggs "Slithery Scarer" is plussed with a pewter crest and feet, and stamped with Disney/Pixar.  Randall has a glossy look to him which can be seen on the Pixar WDCC pieces creating the computer animated look. He stands slightly over 6" in height and has a wide base, considering the pose he is in. Released in 2005, with the Cinderella Slipper production mark. The detailing on his scales really bring this chameleon-like character to life!

     Standing over 10" tall is Jafar & Iago "Villianous Vizier" from Aladdin. Jafar's face is pewter, along with the bottom half of his cobra staff, his forearms and the plume in his turban. There is a genuine ruby inside the plume. Iago and the top half of the cobra staff are both made out of resin. This piece was limited to the production year of 2006. Jafar's sinister side is captured very well in this sculpture.

     The Sheriff of Nottingham "Suspicious Sheriff" from Robin Hood, measures slightly over 8" in height. The feather in his hat, his  medallion and the star on his shirt are all made out of bronze. The medallion around his neck is also moveable. He has a special '30th anniversary' backstamp on the bottom, that only some of the sculptures have, as well as the sombrero production mark.

   Please stay tuned for more WDCC sculptures and reviews coming soon..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dark Horse Uncle Scrooge Series 2 & Vintage Disney Display Statue

     Finally, we have received The first issue in the second series of Dark Horse Deluxe Uncle Scrooge Figures; Uncle Scrooge "Klondike Statue". This one specifically depicts the famous Carl Barks' "Back to the Klondike" Scrooge comic. The quality is of this piece is superb! It is a great start to what should be an amazing series! The next piece to be released in the set is Donald Duck, we will post a review as soon as he is released.

     In honour of the release of the Second Series of the Dark Horse Deluxe Scrooge figures, we wanted to post one of our more elaborate Scrooge pieces, Uncle Scrooge holding his legendary #1 dime. We do not know very much about this piece, aside from the fact that it is a vintage Disney Display statue. The figure measure 17 inches in height and has nice weight to it. I believe it is made out of some type of paper mache-resin material. Scrooge's glasses have real glass lens and metal frames. We have also read that these figures, made overseas in the phillipines, were some of the original big figures produced. If you have any more information on the statue please leave us a message as it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!