Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dark Horse Uncle Scrooge Series 2 & Vintage Disney Display Statue

     Finally, we have received The first issue in the second series of Dark Horse Deluxe Uncle Scrooge Figures; Uncle Scrooge "Klondike Statue". This one specifically depicts the famous Carl Barks' "Back to the Klondike" Scrooge comic. The quality is of this piece is superb! It is a great start to what should be an amazing series! The next piece to be released in the set is Donald Duck, we will post a review as soon as he is released.

     In honour of the release of the Second Series of the Dark Horse Deluxe Scrooge figures, we wanted to post one of our more elaborate Scrooge pieces, Uncle Scrooge holding his legendary #1 dime. We do not know very much about this piece, aside from the fact that it is a vintage Disney Display statue. The figure measure 17 inches in height and has nice weight to it. I believe it is made out of some type of paper mache-resin material. Scrooge's glasses have real glass lens and metal frames. We have also read that these figures, made overseas in the phillipines, were some of the original big figures produced. If you have any more information on the statue please leave us a message as it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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