Friday, September 3, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobes

     Here is our remaining Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes. Most of them are early releases, including the very first issue. We have all the boxes for each one, in mint condition. All of them are Disney Store globes, except the large Neca one at the end. The "Happy Everything" globe that we just recieved from is an online exclusive.
The 1st Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobe; Absolutely mint, brand new, condition. The moon lights up with a switch and inside there are bats, sparkles and snow that falls when you 'shake' the globe. The style and amount of effort put into the globe is magnificent! It plays "This is Halloween".

This snowmobile globe is extremely heavy! There is an automatic blower, music box and Jack swivels in his snowmobile chair with a working headlight. Plays "This is Halloween" and features 17 characters!

This Halloweetown globe has alot to it. The fountain lights up, and when you turn the music box crank, jack turns inside the fountain, and the mayor, lock, shock and barrell turn around the fountain. It also plays "This is Halloween" and features 26 characters!.

This globe features Jack in his coffin slay, with faux velvet lined coffins and his sack of toys. The snow is entirely sparkly and the globe is another extremely  heavy and large one. It has a blower that blows bats, and snow inside the globe. It plays the song "What's this?" and Jack is very delicate.

      This snowglobe is the first Nightmare Before Christmas double-bubble snowglobe produced. It has a blower that blows bats around the inside of the globe and plays "Kidnap the Sandy Claws".  Lock, Shock and Barrel are inside the Jack-o-Lantern globe, with a spotlight.

This mini globe of Jack Skellington was released in 2009 from the Disney Store.

There was two versions of this globe made by Neca. We have the first issue, that has a grey coloured mayor with a shorter hat. The second issue has a taller, black hat. We took a picture of the box to demonstrate.

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