Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dark Horse Deluxe Scrooge Figures & Medicom Vinyl Collectibles

     In 2010 Dark Horse released a series of Deluxe Uncle Scrooge Comic Book Figures. The series contains a set of 6 different characters from vintage Uncle Scrooge Comics. One figure was released each month beginning in September. They each come in a fancy tin, along with the specialized pin and certificate.The figures themselves are done so well, made out of resin, with a vintage-style paint job. The first 2 characters are limited to 950 but the last 4 are limited edition 650. Each figure is individually hand numbered on the bottom of the base. We are thrilled to have the complete set. These figures are now very sought after within the secondary market.

      We recently came across a selection of Medicom's Vinyl Collectible Dolls in the city. We took a liking to the versions of Mickey where he is dressed up like Disney movie characters, as well as the "horror" style Mickey's. The Vinyl figures themselves have a small production run. So far, we have 4 and are waiting to recieve the Jack Sparrow version of Mickey as well as "Mummy" Mickey. There has only been 3 Mickey character mash-ups so far. The packaging is very well done, perfect for display! Tron Mickey is one of the first 2010 Tron collectibles released. Jack Skellington Mickey is a unique mash-up of the Nightmare Before Christmas and matches the original Medicom Jack Skellington Vinyl Collectible Doll. The Frankenstien Mickey is part of Mickey's Miracle Mixture vinyl collectible series.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Overview of the past couple weeks

     We have been extremely busy over the past couple weeks, but in the meantime we've acquired a fair amount of pieces to add to various parts of our collection.

     First and foremost; The Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown Mantle Clock. It is amazing that it became available on Disneystore.com, we had to have it! It's amazingly detailed featuring 12 characters from the film. The figure has a battery operated clock, a light up fountain and a manually operated countdown to Halloween. Zero is translucent and is attached with a spring so he floats in the air. The hand painted detailing on this statue brings the characters to life and with that being said, this piece goes above and beyond, capturing the true essence of the film. This piece is definitely highly collectible!

     Secondly, Toy Story 3 Bookends. This set is a must-have for Pixar fans! The book ends are immaculately detailed, depicting each character's personality perfectly. Close attention was payed to every detail all the way from Andy's name written on Jessie's boot to Woody's Sheriff badge. The books title's being the name of the famous Pixar shorts really adds the finishing touch! Especially with the pictures of the films on both ends. These TS3 bookends along with our Princess and the Frog bookends have to be our favourites.

     We got 3 new snowglobes to add to our snowglobe collection. The newest Nightmare Before Christmas globe "Happy Everything", the Toy Story 3 globe as well as the newest version of Plane Crazy. The Nightmare globe has extremely fine detail! What I really like about it is each tree has different coloured leaves pertaining which door it is on; for example the Valentines day leaves are pink and the St.Patrick's Day leaves are green four leaf clovers. Jack and Zero revolve inside the globe while "What's This?" plays along with a blower. Each door opens to a suprise.

    The Toy Story 3 globe is fantastic, featuring most of the new characters. The globe is huge and  plays "You've got a friend in me" along with an automatic blower. The effort put into the intricate details of the characters is impressive! This glove is a must-have for any Toy Story fan.

We got Plane Crazy because we don't have any old school mickey globes. We wanted to get the mini steamboat willie one as well but the airport would not allow it. This Plane Crazy globe is very classy!

     Along with our Toy Story 3 Bookends and Snowglobe we orderded The Thinkway Toys Toy Story Collection Bullseye to complete our set of TSC toys. We are only missing Buzz with the Utility Belt and are going to scoop it up once it is available online or in our city! Another new thing we have started to collect more is the Medicom Vinyl Collectible Dolls. The ones where Mickey is dressed like another movie character are really cool.. We'll update with those next time!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards: Alice In Wonderland Limited Edition Pocket Watch

     Recieved this beautiful Disney Movie Rewards Exclusive Alice In Wonderland Limited Edition Pocket Watch last Tuesday. The watch comes in a wooden box with Alice pictured on the front and is held in place well inside the box. The watch it self says Alice In Wonderland Limited Edition on the front and pictures the same image as the box on the inside of the watch. I`d say this is a great Disney Movie Rewards Exclusive collector`s item and would recommend it to other DMR members!