Tuesday, August 3, 2010


     My girlfriend and I specialize in collecting Limited Edition/Rare Disney and Pixar Collectible Merchandise. Being Disney collectors, we have always followed blogs, forums and collectible sites amongst the world wide web, to find information about our collectibles. We’ve come to an agreement that it’s about time we start our own blog! Our idea is to show other collectors' out there some of what we think are extraordinary collectibles, as well as provide photos and an insight into the details of the items. We hope to contribute to the community of Disney collectors out there and also answer any questions we can. Enjoy!


  1. Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have much to share. Looking forward to reading your posts...especially if they on occasion pertain to a certain young princess.

  2. Thanks! I look forward to reading your posts as well! It looks like you have a great insight into the World of Snow White. The first of Walt's many classics' is also one of our favourites. We do have many items pertaining to the movie and will post them soon! Stay posted :)

  3. Your collection is amazing. I am wondering if you are interested in any more. I have just decided to thin down my own collection, I just don't have any room for them anymore. I have hundreds of big figs, some very rare, and if there is any in particular you think you might want you can email me at momawestdisney@yahoo.com
    I have been thinking about putting them on ebay but I think finding other people who are passionate about disney collectibles is a better way of letting my big figs go. I am willing to beat most of the prices on ebay as well.
    Great Blog!