Monday, August 16, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards: Alice In Wonderland Limited Edition Pocket Watch

     Recieved this beautiful Disney Movie Rewards Exclusive Alice In Wonderland Limited Edition Pocket Watch last Tuesday. The watch comes in a wooden box with Alice pictured on the front and is held in place well inside the box. The watch it self says Alice In Wonderland Limited Edition on the front and pictures the same image as the box on the inside of the watch. I`d say this is a great Disney Movie Rewards Exclusive collector`s item and would recommend it to other DMR members! 


  1. How do i get this?!! I want it!! its so beautiful!!

  2. This was available through the Disney Movie Rewards program a while back in 2010. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

  3. I just logged into my DMR account after not being active for a while. I had heard of the animation resort reward and wanted to see how many more points I needed. But I was stunned to see I had ordered this item-which I did not! Is there a way to get these points back? I've yet to take my daughter to any Disney parks...