Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disney Mindstyle

     Mindstyle is a company from the Philippines that recently started creating different kinds of Disney Vinyl Collectibles. They started off in 2008 with the 'STITCH EXPERIMENT 626 PROJECT Custom Art Tour' where artists got the chance to design their own version of Stitch. These customized Stitch figures became instantly popular, leading Mindstyle to create a limited edition Artist Series, based on the ones from the tour. This series consisted of 6 different artists' Stitchs' and each one being limited to 500 worldwide. From here, they started creating all sorts of limited edition vinyl figures. Ranging from different versions of Stitch, as well as a second series to follow the first, to V.I.N.CENT from the Black Hole, SDCC 2010 Exclusives, characters from Disney Classics like Fantasia or Pinocchio and new artist designs, there is something for all collectors. They have also moved on to creating other branches, including Bloc28. The whole Bloc28 program was started by Disney to work with artists experienced in non-traditional media like murals, graffiti, and street art. It started as just a few graphics, but it was soon developed into its own program. They work with interpreting Mickey in various ways. Mindstyle/Bloc28 recently released 'Mad Mickey vs. Manny Pacquiao' vinyl, for Manny Pacquiao's first fight, consisting of a coloured version of Mickey Mouse and Manny Pacquiao limited to 300 each. Now for the second fight, coming up November 13th, there will be a black and white (monotone) version of the same, limited edition figures released. There will be a third version that has not been announced yet. The SDCC 2010 exclusives included a Tron Stitch, Tron V.I.N.CENT and a limited edition Tin Toy from the Pixar short. The Tin Toy was limited to 500. We are trying really hard to obtain one..

      So far we only have one of the early releases, Jiminy Cricket. He was sold out on pre-order in March and hadn't been shipped out until a couple weeks ago. I am not sure of the edition size, but I have inquired about it with Mindstyle. The packaging/box for these figures is unreal! The box is huge as well as thick and sturdy. It is meant for display, and Jiminy fits nicely inside with some plastic. Jiminy stands 11" high. Each figure from Mindstyle comes with a credit card-type certificate, which we thought was brilliant! This way nothing can happen to it and no one can replicate/duplicate it. The certificate has a picture of the figure on the front, and has the ATC (Art Toy Collectible) logo on the back, along with the website. In the bottom right of the certificate it is numbered; ours is number 0074. The whole figure is actually heavy for a vinyl, I believe it is vinyl all throughout, not hollow. We were very impressed with quality of the ATC collection and look forward to accumulating more items from Mindstyle.

For more details, photos and updates check out their blog or their site.

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