Monday, September 6, 2010

Olszewski Gallery Of Light Boxes

     Olszewski Studios is an well-renowned Disney collectible company. In the last few years, Olszewski Studios has released a new collection of miniatures, the Gallery of Light. They depict some of the most memorable moments from some of our favourite Disney classics, in a 3-dimensional, beautifully lighted shadow box. Each piece comes with their own certificate of authenticity. Though these pictures may not completely do these pieces justice, we've tried our best to capture the breath taking quality of these must have collectibles. We recommend you click on the pictures to see them enlarged!

     This Nightmare Before Christmas Scene is called "Happy Christmas To All and To All a Good Fright!". It is one of the original pieces to be released by Olszewski Studios. Right now it is officially retired. This piece is one of the larger pieces, it's dimensions are 6" H x 4" D x 5"W. There is a spotlight on Jack, as well as houses with their lights on and lit up Christmas lights. With immaculate detail, this piece is stunning. It is beautiful on the display shelf, or hanging on the wall, with it's easy to hang latch, found on the back of each piece.

      Cruella Deville "Terror On Wheels" is one of the larger issues, released in November 2008. The dimensions are 4.8" H x 3.9"D x 6" W. Her car's headlights light up along with the sunset, and her face is extremely detailed, showcasing her well-known angry expression. A very heavy piece.

     Aladdin & Jasmine's "Magic Carpet Ride" was also released in November 2008. This one is a great depiction of the famous scene from Aladdin. The detailing on each character and the trees is really amazing. The dimensions are 4"H x 3.7" D x 5.2" W.

     This Nightmare Before Christmas classic scene of Jack and Sally proclaiming their love for one another in the moonlight, "The Moonlit Duet", was released in Dec.2008. This piece is also considered retired. It has white and blue lights, showcasing the infamous Sprial Hill of Halloweentown. The dimensions are 4.5" H x 3.5" D x 3.8" W.
     The Sleeping Beauty light-box on the right is the famous scene where Princess Aurora pokes her finger on the spindle; called "Spellbound Beauty". Released in Summer 2008 and not available at Disneyland Resort, but available through retailers. The light on Aurora is green, just like the scene in the movie. The tower window is overlooking the rest of Sleeping Beauty's castle accompanied by a beautifully lit sunset. The dimensions are identical to the Moonlit Duet.

     Mary Poppins "The Magical Arrival" was released in April 2009. There is very fine detail on Mary Poppins, as well well as the foliage that surrounds her in this famous scene. The lighting creates a very nice, subtle yet effective spotlight. The dimensions are 3.8" H x 3.8" D x 5.2" W.

     The Jungle Book "Harmony In The Jungle" was also released in April 2009. This light-box depicts the visually-pleasing scene where Mowgli and Baloo are heading down the river. There are multiple lights inside each box, creating a real effect. This one has green, blue and white lights. The dimensions are 3.8" H x 3.8" D x 4.5" W.

     Note* the on/off switch is one of the tiny leaves on the outside corner of the frame, very clever! We think these are a must-have for collectors! At an affordable price, they are too nice to pass by. We hope to add more of the previous releases to our collection, as well as the new releases.

    Olszewski Studios is continuing thier line of Gallery of Light Boxes, lined up with 2010 releases of:
      "A Gift For Timmy" - Nightmare Before Christmas
     "Sorcerer Mickey on Mountain" - Fantasia
     "Cinderella & Prince" - (On romantic bridge) Cinderella
     "Marlin & Nemo" - Finding Nemo
     "Prince Philip & Maleficent" - Sleeping Beauty
     "Jessica Rabbit" - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
     "Tinkerbell" - Peter Pan
     Available for Pre-Order already. First half due to release soon. Second half in November/December. As well as some limited, Disney Park editions, only to be found in parks.

   There is also 2 videos that we found very interesting, posted by Rob Olszewski himself, about this collection. Check them out:

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