Monday, September 20, 2010

Toy Story Collection & TS3 Movie Poster

     Thinkway Toys Toy Story Collection is the perfect line of replica figures for any Toy Story collector. Each character replica has movie accurate detailing, down to the paint and the sculpt which was retrieved from Pixar's authentic digital data files. Each toy has 2 different modes, just like in the movie; one interactive mode where they respond to your voice, the other considered as "demo" mode where they say their signature phrases etc. The packaging of each box is unique to the character and inspired by the film to look how it would if it were in the film. Most characters come with a detailed stand to support the figures. A certificate of Authenticity signed by John Lasseter is included to add a collectors touch. John Lasseter also showcased this Toy Story Collection in a video on that gives you some insight into why these replicas are so amazing!

     Lots-O-Huggin Bear is packaged in original Lotso-Huggin-Bear inspired packaging. The original Lotso brand logo from decades ago was used to create his true to life inspired box. Lotso, being a strawberry scented bear, actually smells like strawberries! He says over 45 different phrases and includes both interactive and demo mode. He is made entirely out of plush. They have perfectly replicated this oh so cuddly villain. Lotso and Bullseye are the most recent releases, omitting Buzz with Utility Belt.

     Woody is packaged in his authentic Woody's Roundup box. He says over 50 different phrases and has a fully functional pull string attached to his back. He was released amongst the first few when the collection established itself. Close attention to detail is payed on Woody's Sheriff badge, outfit and facial expression.

     Jessie's packaging is similar to Woody's but is coloured pink. She says over 33 phrases and also has a pull string attached to her back. She has real yarn for hair, pertaining to the movie and fabric clothes. Her box is the same size as Woody's and I am certain that each character is made proportionate to eachother (when out of the box). Also released in the first few.

     Bullseye's packaging also remains as the Woody's Round-Up design, as it should. He is fairly larger than both Woody and Jessie, being scaled to size for either of them to mount. Being larger, he is also heavier. Bullseye features over 12 different sounds and music, including interactive galloping features and vibrations. It seems he is made out of the exact fabric they imitate from the movie, with a felt mane and rubber snout and hooves. Very well done!

     Buzz Lightyear comes in his famous Spaceship box. He has over 65 sayings in his original voice. His wings light up red and green with the touch of a button. When he talks he also moves his head and his helmet is fully functional. The box is identical to the movie down to the speech bubble on the back. He was released near the beginning of production.

     RC is a fully functional, wireless, remote control vehicle. He was priced a bit higher than the others, but worth the difference. Featuring 2 different modes, he can either follow you by your commands or explore on his own. He comes to life with personality by spinning, popping and showing off. This is a very high quality remote control vehicle.

     Rex's box is really creative! It is made to look like Rex is being shipped in a crate, breaking out of it. There is a volcano image in the background to imitate the dinosaur age. Rex's neck, arms and tail move while he talks. He looks identical to the movie.

     The Aliens from Pizza Planet come in a 3-Pack, each one with a different facial expression. They are scaled to size and come in a displayable Pizza Planet box. The box says Pizza Planet on one side and "the claw is our master" on the other. Another one of the first releases. They are too cute.

     The Bucket O Soldiers are available in two versions, one with a certificate of authenticity and one without. I would make sure when picking your's up that it comes complete with the certificate. They come in the exact replica bucket seen in the movie. The bucket displays quite nicely along side the rest of the collection.

     Last but not least, Mr Potato Head. The box says Playskool, pertaining to the original Mr. Potato Head. He was one of the later releases in the collection. He features part-popping action as well as different phrases, like the other characters. You are able to interchange his body parts with eachother. The entire set is a great accomplishment for Pixar, I could not be more pleased with the quality of each figure.


We have searched all stores in our city for Buzz with the Utility Belt, but have had no luck finding him. As soon as we get the chance, we are going to complete our set.

     It was really exciting to recieve this Toy Story 3 Movie Release Poster as a suprise the other day from our friend. It is the official, double-sided movie theatre poster, with the dimensions of 4' W x 5' 9" L. This poster includes all the new characters introduced in Toy Story 3, and is a great addition to our movie poster collection. We are looking forward to the release of Toy Story 3 on Blu-ray/DVD November 2nd. 

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