Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walt Disney Classics Collection Villians

     The Walt Disney Classic Collection line of figures capture and portray the personalities of Disney characters through it's pieces like only Disney can. We especially feel as though the villains are remarkably well done, here is our WDCC collection of Disney Villains acquired to date.

     Smee "Oh dear, dear, dear." from Peter Pan, is a 1994-1995 Walt Disney Classic Collector's Society Event Piece. Standing at about 5" in height, he features real glass lenses and gold wire frames. His box and certificate is the older version/style.  Now only available through the secondary market.


     Randall Boggs "Slithery Scarer" is plussed with a pewter crest and feet, and stamped with Disney/Pixar.  Randall has a glossy look to him which can be seen on the Pixar WDCC pieces creating the computer animated look. He stands slightly over 6" in height and has a wide base, considering the pose he is in. Released in 2005, with the Cinderella Slipper production mark. The detailing on his scales really bring this chameleon-like character to life!

     Standing over 10" tall is Jafar & Iago "Villianous Vizier" from Aladdin. Jafar's face is pewter, along with the bottom half of his cobra staff, his forearms and the plume in his turban. There is a genuine ruby inside the plume. Iago and the top half of the cobra staff are both made out of resin. This piece was limited to the production year of 2006. Jafar's sinister side is captured very well in this sculpture.

     The Sheriff of Nottingham "Suspicious Sheriff" from Robin Hood, measures slightly over 8" in height. The feather in his hat, his  medallion and the star on his shirt are all made out of bronze. The medallion around his neck is also moveable. He has a special '30th anniversary' backstamp on the bottom, that only some of the sculptures have, as well as the sombrero production mark.

   Please stay tuned for more WDCC sculptures and reviews coming soon..

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