Friday, May 13, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas Neca Busts

     In 2004, NECA released a series of limited edition Nightmare Before Christmas busts. Each bust is made out of finely sculpted, hand painted resin and depicts characters from the film. They are indiviually hand numbered on their boxes as well as on the bottom of each piece. We really like how the resin imitates the clay material used for the characters in the production of this stop-motion film. 

     Lock, Shock and Barrel are sculpted into one bust along with the sack to capture Sandy Claws. Each of them are holding their masks and share eager grins.. The colours are very vibrant and the sculpting is extremely accurate to the film. It is hand numbered on the bottom of the piece, as well as on the bottom of the box. 

     This Santa Jack bust features Jack Skellington in his Santa suit. He carries his sack of Halloweentown Christmas gifts to give to the children. This bust also bears remarkable accuracy to Santa Jack sculpt from the film. The evil duck and scary jack-in-the-box are very well done and add a finishing touch to the piece. This bust is also individually numbered on the bottom as well as the box.

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