Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Medicom Vinyl Collectible Dolls

     Here at Disney Pixar Fanatics this month, in celebration of Halloween, some of our posts will consist of spooky and scary collectibles...

     Two new additions have been added to our Vinyl Collectible Dolls; Mickey Mouse Mummy Version and Mickey Mouse Grunge Version. Both figures are older releases and are becoming harder to find.

     Mummy Mickey's packaging is one of the most creative boxes out of the Vinyl Collectible Dolls. It displays Mickey as a Mummy very well among bandages. Posed with a dripping paint roller, it seems as though Mickey has painted himself into a Mummy. A nice addition is his tail! Not too many items actually have his tail showing. It goes great with our Mickey: Franken Version. Was only available on a limited release.  

     Grunge Mickey is rocking out in his 'grunge' outfit. The box is larger on this one, providing perfect views on all angles of Mickey and the paint splotch design goes well with the 'grunge' style. His outfit consists of torn jeans, converse-style sneakers and a loose purple shirt. There is a stand that is suspending him in the trademark 'rocker' pose. It is a great pop-culture collectible, available on a limited release.

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