Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jars

         Over the years since the 1993 release of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, there have been a number of meticulously detailed film inspired collector cookie jars.

     Possibly the most collectible Nightmare Before Christmas cookie jar released to date, the Treasure Craft Jack Skellington Tombstone cookie jar was the first film inspired cookie jar ever created and was made for the theatrical release of the film. This piece has become very sought after by collectors and can only be found on the secondary market.

     Also another very collectible and sought after cookie jar, this piece by applause was the second to be released and sold exlusively at Sam Goody, Suncoast, Mediaplay and On-Cue. Each side of the jar features it's own beautifully hand painted movie character and is one of our personal favourites.

     This jar features Lock, Shock and Barrel in their mobile bathub, kidnapping "Sandy Claws". It was released by the Disney Store and features superb detailing. It can only be found on the secondary market and I would strongly recommend it to any Nightmare Before Christmas Collector.

     These ceramic storage jars by Neca are sold in a set of 3. They are an exact replica of the jars seen in the movie used by Sally when poisoning Dr.Finklestien. These jars are a more current release and can still be found with some online retailers. 

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