Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jun Planning continued..

     In addition to our previous Jun Planning post, here are some more of our early released Jun Planning Nightmare Before Christmas items.

     This Limited Edition Jack Skellington Action Figure Boxed Set is packaged in a massive box, consisting of 14 characters. The back of the box reads 2000 Special Package - Limited Edition 1000 pieces. It also contains a certificate of authenticity inside. Jack Skellington includes a stand and is a large-scaled pvc action figure, while the others are smaller non-articulated versions, also made of pvc. Jack and Zero are in the middle of the box, with a large window and the other characters are packaged along the side windows of the box, so they are perfect to view. This set has never been taken out of it's packaging and the box is in mint condition.

     Jack is ready to introduce Christmas to Halloween town, arriving in his snow-mobile packed with Christmas in a sack. Jack's remote control snow-mobile is an acomplishment in itself. The remote is a jack-o-lantern, providing power and steering for the snow-mobile. The snow-mobile is an identical replica to the one in the movie. We have never removed it from the box, keeping everything brand new. The packaging matches the deluxe figure set, as well as other Jun Planning items that have been released. On the back of the box it shows the first p.v.c. figurine collection, which characters come together in blister packs and what number they are.

     The 3 pvc band members are hard to come by, and come together in a set. I think they are the only collectible made of them specifically. 

     A picture frame was also released by Jun Planning and it is noticeable that the background of the frame matches the same background from the one that is on the boxes. It is a good quality 3-dimensional picture frame, made out of resin. One of our more simple, yet unique items!

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