Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Domed Vignettes by Tosin Pack

    With only one week to go until Halloween, we at DisneyPixarFanatics are excited to continue with our spooky and scary collectibles. Some extremely detailed Nightmare Before Christmas pieces are the Tosin Pack domed vignettes imported from Japan.

          The 12 Faces of Jack domed vignette is a Limited Edition release of 2500 pieces. The figure comes complete with 13 interchangeable heads, as well as special tweezers for handling them. The dome measures 7 inches with a rosewood base. The detail and quality of this piece is spectacular. This vignette has become very sought after on the collectible market.

      The Zero Tosin Pack dome vignette features Jack's ghost dog resting in his favorite spot beside his very own christmas tree. This dome measures 67mm and is only available on the secondary market. These pieces are all hand painted, done with amazing attention to detail.

        Jack's House domed vignette by Tosin Pack is an exact miniature of Mr. Skellington's Home as seen in the movie. Everything from his gate, to the crooked stairway leading to his front door is a perfect replica. The amazing detail that went into the making of this piece is unreal! This dome measures 67mm and is only available on the secondary market.


  1. how much is jacks house worth? I have one

  2. When was the jacks house dome vignette made? I have one but theres no date of when it was made

  3. I have the Zero one and I can't find another like it anywhere! Wish I knew what it was worth. Or what year they were made