Friday, October 15, 2010

Beauty & the Beast Character Replicas

     Recently produced by the Disney Store in honour of the Diamond Edition release of Beauty and the Beast are some amazing limited edition character replicas. We strongly recommend all three of these enchanted pieces to any serious Disney collector.


        Lumiere the charming candelabra is limited to only 2000 pieces. His flame ontop of his head is a fully functioning LED light and his hands are meant for holding tea light candles. The bottom also reads that he is Limited Edition. He is also perfectly displayed in a beautiful silk-lined display box.  He comes complete with certificate of authenticity and has all the suave character of Lumiere himself, a must have for any Beauty and the Beast fan!

     Cogsworth the Clock is limited to only 1500 pieces. The loyal butler is complete with a working pendulum clock and a faux wind-up key. He comes in a silk-lined box with a certificate of authenticity. There is some very nice weight to the piece and is made with superb attention to detail. I would strongly recommend to anyone they pick up this collector clock from Disney while they can.

      The Mrs.Potts Tea Set is limited to only 1600 pieces. She comes with her son Chip as well as 3 other cups to complete the set. Each piece is trimmed with real 24 kt gold! The set comes in a silk lined box with a certificate of authenticity. This is our favorite of the three Limited Edition boxes, both Mrs. Potts and Chip are such great movie replicas.

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