Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jun Planning Nightmare Before Christmas Coffins

     Keeping up with the Halloween theme, we are going to post some more of our Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles. Afterall, Jack Skellington is from Halloweentown! Jun Planning Co., a company from Japan, is one of our favourite manufacturers of Nightmare Before Christmas items. Jun Planning started releasing merchandise the same year the movie was released, in 1993 and continured to release many successful figures for Nightmare Before Christmas over the years. It is no longer in business, therefore their products are hard to come by these days.

     Jun Planning issued out a magnificent series of Nightmare Before Christmas coffin figures. There have been various releases of different versions of Jack Skellington (Santa Jack, Pumpkin King, etc..) as well as a Santa Sally version and a double coffin set with Jack and Sally together. Some figures are open edition but majority have been released in a limited edition run. Each figure comes in coffin-shaped boxes, bound tightly inside so they don't move around. We have been very lucky to have found 3 different ones among the secondary market.

     Jack, The Pumpkin King, comes in a maroon coloured coffin with Jack written in silver on the front. It came out in 2000 for Halloween. It is also the 186th NBC figure by Jun Planning, which you can determine from the label on the back that says 'N-186'. The back of the coffin indicates that it is a limited edition of 1200 pieces, but it is really strange that on the 'dogtag' on Jack's neck it says 'Pumpkin King 2000 Limited Edition 1500'. We're not too sure which one says the right edition number but it is interesting to have that! His head and Halloweentown sign are wrapped in plastic for protection and the sign is seperate from Jack's body. I would say it's a great collectible for Nightmare fanatics because there is not too many Pumpkin King figures produced and this one is close to a replica.

     This version of Jack comes in a magenta/purple box. I suppose you could call the expression on his face 'upset', he seems to have a distressed look. The coffin is like the other, just coloured differently. His clothes are fabric and he is made out of pvc. It Jun Planning's 123rd product released, being N-123. 

     This 'Suprised' Jack is a Comic Con Exclusive that was released at the Summer 2001 Comic Convention, limited to 2000 pieces. The box on this one has a decorative zero and bones background, with silver writing. Jack is not like the other figures, he is made out of resin, with articulation similarily to a marionette. It is also smaller than the first two posted. This is issue N-259.

Thanks to everyone for checking us out! More Halloween related posts coming soon..


  1. Do you have an idea of what the value on Pumpkin King is? Im in the Market and found one Mint in Box.

  2. Do you have an idea of what the value on Pumpkin King is? Im in the Market and found one Mint in Box.