Saturday, March 12, 2011

Olszewski Gallery of Light: "Pirate Jail"

     Olszewski Studios created a Gallery of Light in honour of the Disneyland Theme Park: Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in 2007. It was made exlusively for Disney Theme Parks and sold out very quickly. This shadowbox entitled "Pirate Jail" features the scene from the attraction where three pirates attempt to lure in the key bearing dog. The piece is plussed with a real rope and lit with amber LED lights to imitate the lanterns' glow. Olszewski Studios did an impressive job at recreating the scene with persistence.


  1. The amber LED lights look like they create a wonderfully moody lantern glow.

    At Halloween, my wife and I will sometimes turn off all the lights in the house and just sit staring at the light of some of our miniature haunted house decorations or by the candle flicker silhouetted behind some spooky tealight holder.

    For some reason, this Pirate piece reminds me of that warm eerie feeling.

  2. We were very excited when we came across this piece for purchase, it definetely does have an eerie effect to it.