Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney Store Exclusive Limited Edition Mother Gothel Doll

     The Disney Store created a limited edition Mother Gothel doll in honour of Disney's 50th animated feature film Tangled. Mother Gothel is the first villain in the limited edition collector doll series and is limited to a worldwide edition of 1500 pieces, complete with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. She is designed to accompany the limited edition Rapunzel doll (see below).  Her clothing is very accurate to her outfit in the film, with a patterned, garnet satin gown embellished with gold accents and ruby rhinestones. Her hooded cloak is made of velvet and is removable. Her makeup was executed well, along with her iconic hairstyle. The smirk on Mother Gothel's face accentuates her personality, as she holds a hair brush in her right hand. She is an exquisite collectible figure with her stunning craftsmanship. Mother Gothel was available in select Disney Store locations across North America and in very limited quantities online. She sold out immediately once stores opened their doors and almost instantly online. We are ecstatic about the Disney Store finally producing a villain in the limited edition collector doll series and cannot wait for the next!

Check out the limited edition Rapunzel tower as well!


  1. would you be willing to sell your mother gothel doll?

    1. if you are still looking I have a friend that just put hers up for sale

  2. do you know if you can find out what number you have without opening the box?