Friday, March 25, 2011

9" Vinylmation Villains: Series 1

        The 9" Vinylmation Villains were released in Disney Stores and online on Monday, March 21. The 9" villains are limited to 700 pieces of each character and come with a bonus 1 1/2" junior vinylmation. The three sets that were released include Malificent with Sleeping Beauty, Jumba with Stitch and Julius with Minnie. They arrived online at about 2:45 AM central time, with Malficent being the first to sell out within hours, accompanied by Jumba and Julius by 7:45 AM central time. Each guest was alloted a maximum of 2 orders per character. Select Disney Stores in the US recieved a limited amount of each character and stores sold out quickly. We were devasted to have missed the opportunity to purchase Malificent but are very fortunate to have gotten 2 sets of both Jumba and Julius. Jumba and Stitch are designed by Dan Beltran while Julius and Minnie are designed by Gerald Mendez. Both these characters are a perfect choice for the Mickey vinylmation canvas. Jumba's eyes and mouth fit magnificently into the head sculpt, as well as Julius' chin. Placing the junior vinylmations in the 9" figures hand was a great idea to top off their villainous embrace.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Malificent with Sleeping Beauty sold out. But you still may have a chance through ebay or other online sites. Really like the Ursula artwork. Cool stuff!