Saturday, July 2, 2011

Emperor Zurg Talking Room Guard by Thinkway Toys

      Emperor Zurg talking room guard by Think Way Toys was created for the theatrical release of Toy Story 2. Zurg was very sought after even upon the original release of the product and sold out very quickly. When you press the button on the base Zurg speaks one of twenty different phrases. As he is speaking, his eyes and mouth light up. He also features moving arms and a light up laser gun. There is a motion-activated sensor that can be set to greet objects that cross his path with ominous warnings. This item can only be found on the secondary market and has become very sought after by collectors and fans of the film alike.


  1. Hi there- I would LOVE some collectors knowledge and some help if possible i think I have a very rare zurg from 1996 BNIB and not sure what it is wroth what to do with it etc.. Love some help if you could email me would be great i look forward to chatting more cheers coby

    1. It would have to be an EXTREMELY rare Zurg if he is from 1996. That's because Zurg did not make his first appearance until Toy Story 2. Which came out in 1999. (whaa-whaa...busted!)

  2. I have one of these, in very good condition. Never left packaging box in mint condition. Email