Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WDCC Simba & Mufasa "Pals Forever"

     The Walt Disney Classics Collection begun their Tribute Series with The Lion King sculpture of Simba and Mufasa entitled "Pals Forever". It was a special release sculpture that required an order through an exclusive redemption form. The timeframe for ordering was through March 1st, 1995 - April 28th, 1995. A unique backstamp on the bottom of the piece and certificate denote the Tribute Series. This sculpture depicts quite a significant moment in the movie, where Simba and Mufasa spend quality time together. The detailing on Mufasa's mane and both of their faces is outstanding and stays true to the animation. This piece is 10" in length and was sculpted by Chuck Williams. It is sought after by collectors and only available on the secondary market.

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