Monday, February 21, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia Prop Replicas

     Master Replicas, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Showcase Collection, created prop replicas of the Christmas gifts given to the children in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. 1/6th scale replicas of the props used in the film are identically recreated down the most minor details. Each package includes a certificate of authenticity, background story about the character and gifts and is set in a displayable box. These prop replicas are a must have for any Chronicles of Narnia fan.

      Peter's Christmas gifts consist of his heroic sword and shield. The designs embossed into the shield are intricately detailed and finished in silver, gold and fiery red. His sword is embellished with a lion head handle and writing inscribed along the blade. Peter leads Aslan's battle and triumphs over the White Witch with his sword and shield by his side.

      Lucy's Christmas gifts consist of her dagger, scabbard, vial and belt wih vial pouch. Her dagger matches Peter's sword, with a lion head handle. The scabbard attaches onto Lucy's belt and holds the dagger while stationary.  Both the belt and the scabbard are faux leather. Her vial is magical that holds powers to heal Edmund's wounds during the battle. It also bears a lion head cap and a gold chain. The vial has a pouch that latches onto her belt for easy transport. The vial pouch has real rope to hold it shut. Lucy's gifts ultimately saved her brother Edmund.

     Susan's Christmas gifts consist of her bow & arrow, quiver and horn. Her bow has a golden string with gold accents on the bow and arrows. The quiver that holds her arrows is an ivory colour with her initals, S.P., insribed in silver with subtle designs. Susan's horn matches the quiver and is sculpted into a lion head. It also bears a faux leather strap and gold chain. Susan's magical horn was blown to rescue her and Lucy from danger inflicted by the White Witch.


  1. Jake - Edmund did not get a Christmas gift. He was with the White Witch at the time.

  2. How big is the box?
    can you send me a picture with the box in hand please?