Monday, January 31, 2011

Disney Swarovski Crystal Doc

      The leader of the seven dwarves made his Swarovski Crystal debut, along with Snow White and the rest of the dwarves, in 2009.  Doc's facial expression and stance portrays his eager, friendly personality. He is sculpted out of clear faceted Swarovski crystal, while his face remains unfaceted. Matt clear crystal fills the white in his eyes and the colour of his beard. His buckle is complete with a topaz crystal, matching some of the other dwarves. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves crystal figurines are still available at Swarovski crystal retailers.


  1. These are some super shots of Doc. Thanks for posting such large images. Great details.

  2. Thank you we are glad that you like him as much as we do! We plan on acquiring all 9 pieces of the Swarovski Snow White collection as soon as possible.