Thursday, December 2, 2010

Limited Edition Disney Bauble Ornaments

     The Disney Store has created three very impressive Limited Edition Bauble Ornaments this year. Each ornament has a satin ribbon to hang and comes in it's own holiday printed box. The ornaments are complete with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed in an envelope. They are made out of glass and contain festive Disney characters sculpted out of resin. The ornaments also have a finely detailed metal ring and clasp that allows them to open up and each ornament measures 3.25" in diameter.

     Tinkerbell is dressed in a sparkly red and white suit, sitting ontop of iridescent snow. Her clear wings sparkle and her hand painted face captures her innocence well. There is also iridescent snowflakes surrounding the exterior of the glass. This Tinkerbell ornament is number 3807 out of an edition size of 5300.

     This bauble features Santa Jack Skellington and his ghost dog Zero, exchanging Christmas gifts. There is glitter accents on the gifts, snow and exterior designs on the glass. The exterior designs display Lock, Shock and Barrell among tombstones. This Nightmare Before Christmas ornament is number 4232 out of an edition size of 5300. 

     Grumpy's box differs from the others. Grumpy sits on top of a pile of sparkling gold and jewels. With his pick axe by his side, he protects the largest diamond. There is also iridescent jewels surrounding the exterior of the glass. This Grumpy ornament is numbered 3051 out of an edition size of 3500.

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  1. Hi, do you have your Jack Skellington glass ornament and is it for sale please?