Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disney Store Exclusive Christmas Tree Ornaments

     The Disney Store creates outstanding Christmas Tree ornaments every year that never fail to impress us. Last year we purchased 3 of our favourites, to add to our Disney decorated Christmas tree. This year we purchased 6 and recieved 2 as lovely gifts. These ornaments are meticulously sculpted out of resin and are hand-painted, including some with glitter accents. They are designed by an amazing Disney artist, Steve Thompson, who designs a large portion of Disney Store exclusive ornaments, snowglobes, sculptures, etc.

      This ornament from Up! is from last year's collection and it is the only Up! ornament released from the Disney Store to date. Russell and Dug have alot of detail in the sculpt and paint. 

     Alice sitting ontop of the magical mushroom is an ornament from the 2009 collection as well. Her headband and shoes sparkle in black, while the mushroom sparkles in iridescent purple.

     This Jack Skellington ornament is also part of the 2009 collection. The rope on his sleigh is real and the snow is covered in glitter. The detail on this piece is so tiny and very well done.

     We recieved this Luxo Lamp ornament as a gift from our great friend at one of our local shops called Michael Rodent's. This ornament is a Disney Park Authentic item and is part of the 2010 Disney Store ornament collection. There is glitter on the bow around the gift. This is the first ornament of Luxo ever and we are very greatful to have him in our collection !

     This Jack Skellington ornament is from this season. Jack and the angel statue are identical to the scene in the film, capturing it well. The snow on top of the statue has glitter accents.

     This is another Nightmare Before Christmas ornament from this season. Jack and Sally are very finely sculpted and painted.

     This Cars ornament is part of the 2010 collection. Lightning Mcqueen is in his racing pose, with his tongue sticking out. The red paint is metallic and the decals look realistic. The detail put into this one is impressive.

    This Pascal from Tangled is the first ornament released of him. His personality is expressed well through his facial expression. The paint and texture adds a realistic touch to his body.

     We also recieved this Tiana ornament as a gift. She is part of the Disney Princess ornament collection and is the only Princess and the Frog ornament released by the Disney Store. Her body is made out of resin and her dress is made out of satin, crinolin and a shimmery overskirt ,with a blossom accent.


  1. wow. thanks for the shout out. glad you enjoy the work that goes into these as much as i do.

    steve thompson

  2. Steve it is an honor to know that you have taken the time to browse through our collection. We love all of the beautiful Disney creations that you design and are looking forward to more in the future!