Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards Pins

     Disney Movie Rewards occasionally offers some rare Disney Movie Reward Exclusive pins. We have redeemed our favourite pins since we have been a DMR member. We would recommend any of the Disney Movie Rewards Exclusive pins - including pin sets - to any Disney collector, as they are a rare offer and especially great quality!

     Our most recent pin redemption is the Donald Duck Through The Years Limited Edition 4-Pin Set. This pin set is a Disney Movie Rewards Exclusive item and it is a limited edition of 750 sets. The four pins come in a mahogany box lined with satin and the pin card is backed with felt. Donald is depicted in four different versions from The Wise Little Hen, The Three Caballeros, The Mickey Mouse club and his image from the present day. These pins are designed by master Disney artist David Pacheco. Each pin set includes a certificate of authenticity. The wooden box is incredibly well done and the pins are great quality. Overall, this reward was even better than we could imagine!

     In December 2009 the Up Bottle Top Pin Badge was released as a reward on Disney Movie Rewards. We redeemed it in December and it quickly went out of stock. This one of a kind pin badge is identical to the one that Ellie gives Carl in the film. It did not note on the site that it came with a box so it was a bonus to recieve it in this nicely decorated box.     

     This Disney Movie Reward Exclusive Limited Edition Oswald Pin is a jumbo-sized pin. It is Oswald with the D23 logo and has Limited Edition 3500 engraved on the back. At a low cost, it was well worth it.

     Disney Movie Rewards had a special offer for purcashing The Pixar Short Film Collection Vol.1 and Cars. If you purchased both together, you were eligible to recieve a free Pixar pin set. We recieved this special edition pin set that came with Buzz and Woody, Nemo and Lightning Mcqueen.

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